3 Rivers Carp Cup

July 27, 2019

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2019 - 3 Rivers Carp Cup

Date of Tournament: July 27, 2019
Starting Check-in Time: 7am
Final "Weigh-In" Time: 6pm
Awards Ceremony and Dinner:
Outdoor Knoxville, located by Ruth's Chris.
Admission Fee: $75 per person.

General Information:

 Anglers should attend an informal "meet and greet" at 7 pm on July 26th at the Outdoor Knoxville Adventure Center (900 Volunteer Landing Lane, Knoxville, TN 37915) in order to explain the rules of the tournament and socialize with other anglers. We will also be showing films from the Orvis "Down The Hatch" film fest. All anglers must check in at Outdoor Knoxville the morning of the tournament. Check-in will begin at 7 am sharp and will continue until 9:00 for the late risers. If anglers decide they would like to get on the water earlier and skip check-in, they may do so for a fee of $20. During event check-in anglers will receive an official 3 Rivers Carp Cup ruler that is to be used to measure and document the length of all fish caught.

The final "weigh-in" and the awards ceremony and banquet will be held at Outdoor Knoxville. Anglers must bring in their cell phones with pictures of their catch along with their score cards no later than 6:00pm. The awards ceremony and an official Carp Cup tournament shirt will be included in the registration fee. Prizes and awards will be given out once all of the contestants' catches have been registered. 


The registration form can be found below. Paper registrations can be brought into the shop or scanned and emailed to info@3riversangler.com. If you would like to do an online registration, click here.


The Rules

The Rules

The Waters 


All water from either Douglas Dam (The French Broad River) or Cherokee Dam (The Holston River) down to Duncan Boat Dock and the confluence with Little River (The Tennessee River) is open to be contestants. Water beyond Duncan Boat Dock may be opened at the discretion of the tournament director provided high water conditions are in effect. After checking in at 3 Rivers Angler, contestants are free to drive/drift/ motor to any water on the upper Tennessee and its immediate headwaters on the Holston or French Broad rivers. Wading and drift boat anglers need to be advised that both the French Broad and Holston are tailwaters and subject to variable flows. Information on release schedules is available on TVA's website www.tva.gov. 



Walk-A-Thon Style

Teams and Individual participants are both encouraged to find sponsors for their team! We recommend getting sponsors to donated their desired number of dollars for every inch of fish that the team or individual catches during the tournament. The team or individual who raises the most money for our great beneficiaries will walk away with one of our most substantial prizes! All donation money must be received by July 28th, at which time we will determine the winner and send them their prize!

Check-In is at 7am sharp. once checked in, teams and individuals are released to fish where they choose. Anglers are allowed to start earlier if they opt to pay $20 , allowing them to skip morning check in. 

There are two separate divisions:

Boat and Wade/Kayak Team DIVISION: Teams can consist of no more than three people either fishing out of kayaks or a single boat, at least one of which must be 18 years or older. Boats may be motorized or drift.

Individual DIVISION: The Individual Division: Any and all self-propelled water craft are legal (SUP, canoe, kayak, float tube, bath tube, etc.). No motorized nor battery operated propulsion may be utilized including trolling motors or outboards. Anglers may also wade without utilizing a boat at all.


Every fish must be recorded with a cell phone, and each measurement must be with an official Carp Cup ruler (to be provided to each team or angler at sign-in) that clearly shows the entire length of the fish and a close-up of the ruler. Anglers must take two photos of each registered fish; one hero shot and one shot clearly documenting the length of the fish with the official Carp Cup ruler. All fish must also be recorded on each angler's score card. All photos must be texted or emailed immediately to the official 3RCC Command Center upon release of the fish with no submissions permitted after the final weigh in at 6:00pm.

The 5 largest fish per length per team/angler count: 
1 inch = 1 point
The team/angler with the most points wins their division.









• Fly fishing only. No conventional tackle and/or bait may be used at any time on the water. Violators will be immediately disqualified.

• No Chumming by anglers or any 3rd party non-participants. Anyone fishing to fish actively being fed will be immediately disqualified.

• We are all sportsman not snaggers so fish must be hooked in the mouth.

• Calhouns restaurant on the River is ON limits to contestants this year. NO other marinas or pet/fed fish within the boundary waters are allowed. Anglers wishing to fish Calhouns on the River must do so utilizing a Tenkara Rod which must be preapproved by the tournament boss prior to the tournament start. There is no limitation to tippet size. In the event a fish is caught at a 'dock', a picture of the rod must be included in the shot used for measurement with the official 3RCC measuring apparatus (see rule 9).

• All fish must be caught and released, and should be handled and treated accordingly.

• No more than three anglers will be allowed in one water craft.

• Anglers must supply their own phone cameras. Make sure you have a fresh set of batteries, if not a standby set.

• A picture of the fish with the angler is required for each fish to be entered into the final judging. The exception to this rule is when an angler is fishing alone, for example, in a one-man kayak. In this case, the angler can take a picture of him/herself holding the fish up and facing the bow of the boat.

• A second photograph of the fish lying along the 3RCC square measuring apparatus is also required.

• Anglers are required to document each catch on an official 3RCC score card. The final day's tally will then be presented to the judges during the final "weigh-in".

• All anglers are subject to random and humiliating drug testing. Performance enhancing drugs will not be tolerated. Any cheaters will be stripped, tarred and feathered and paraded through the after-party.

• No white wine in any boats, ever.



Courtyard by Marriott Knoxville/West Bearden

250 Brookview Centre Way

Knoxville, TN 37919

3 Rivers Angler offering your special group rate at Marriott for 119.00 USD  per night.
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Call 865-690-7680 (for 3 Rivers Carp Cup).

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